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  • Brand name:Grandseed

Product Description

SM - 471 placement machine product features advantages
High-speed Chip placement machine SM471 is pasted on the head with a 10 shaft rod and suitable for double cantilever, a new type of high performance flight camera placement machine, which can realize the product at the same level of the top speed of 75000 CPH.
Another, chip ~ 0402-14 mm are basic correspondence, and through high-speed. High precision electric feeder, can be mixture used with air pressure type feeder of SM, improve the actual productive and SMT quality.

Chip 1608 75,000 CPH(optimum condition)

2 cantilever 10 x axis/head
The corresponding components: ~ 0402-14 mm to 12 mm (H)
IC, Connector (Lead Pitch 0.4 mm)
BGA, CSP (Ball Pitch 0.4 mm)
Applicable PCB: : biggest 510 mm (L) x 460 mm (W) x 1 lane
460 mm (L) x 250 mm (W) x 2 lane
Number of Feeder carry: benchmark (8 mm) : 120 ea / 112 ea (Docking Cart)
High speed, high precision electric feeder
- can be used mixed with SM air compressor type feeder
SMART Feeder
- the world's first automatic picking, automatic feeding
Equipment size: 1650 (L) * 1690 * 1485 (H) (D)

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