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MC812S Multi function pick and place machine

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Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:1 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:Grandseed

Product Description

MC812S pick and place machine mainstream configuration using imported well-known brand standard parts, is a tendency to be used in the high-end LED, power drive, small appliances, automotive electronics and other industries high-speed high-precision pick and place machine.

High - precision electric feeder

Through the high-performance servo control, can be stable supply of components;

Through the high precision compensation system, minimize the accuracy deviation due to time.

Through the Reel Bank integrated structure Single Feeder, to improve the convenience of the operation;

Through the Feeder function automatic arrangement of the component's suction position to improve the actual capacity.  

(Compatible: SME pure electric feeder, SM electric and pneumatic feeder)

Fuselage smaller. Energy saving and environmental protection

Comparison of imported machines, Huazhicheng pick and place machine small footprint; low power consumption, cost savings.

Ultra long PCB Board segmented placement

Not only can correspond to the conventional long-size substrate, but also to tell the splint way to shorten the transmission time (compared with the past). To further improve the production performance. For long-sized substrates that require multiple splints, the placement area after each splint can be set so that the placement point can be properly distributed and the production performance is improved.

Delivery direction 1200mm one-time mounting range 1500mm second mounting

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